It is snowing in Athens right now!

snow Athens Australian Embassy

With the Filippos Storm bringing low temperatures and snowy conditions across Greece, it was yet to reach Athens until right now.

As the Australian Ambassador to Greece Arthur Spyrou tweeted, "in Athens 🇬🇷 right now!"


According to the National Observatory of Athens weather service, the cold snap is caused by the arrival of arctic air from the poles from northeastern Europe.

In Attica, police have forbidden cars from traveling beyond the cable car terminal due to the snow, while all trucks over 3.5 tonnes and all vehicles not equipped with chains have been forbidden to use the old Elefsina-Thiva national road.

The ban does not apply to emergency vehicles, road assistance vehicles, and trucks carrying salt, while it will be lifted when conditions improve.

Heavy snow was falling in parts of Central Greece, including Pilio and Volos, where drivers have been advised to have chains on their wheels and many schools remained closed, as well as Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, and Ioannina.

Traffic measures, such as banning heavy vehicles and requiring the use of shains, were imposed in several areas, while many schools remained closed.

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