UK TV reveals new reality game show set in Greece

Kavos, Corfu. tourism travel

ITV2’s Weekender franchise has also been renewed for a series in Kavos.

ITV has announced a new reality game show called Loaded In Paradise.

The broadcaster has said the action-packed series would see party-loving pairs island-hop across the Aegean Islands in Greece in a race to take control of and spend 50,000 euros.

The reality series will start with five pairs and a gold card topped up with money, but only one couple can be in control at any time, ITV has said.

The aim of the adrenaline-fuelled game is for the pairs to hunt down the card, which is injected with cash daily, and spend it on a wild trip.

Every 48 hours, a luxury safehouse dotted across the Aegean islands will open, where the pairs have to reconvene and viewers will see the drama unfold.

On the final leg of the chase, there will be a “big twist” as everyone chases the gold card one final time, ITV announced.

In addition, the broadcaster revealed ITV2’s Weekender franchise has been renewed for a 10-part series in Kavos, Greece.

Every episode follows two groups of young people enjoying a long weekend of partying alongside holiday reps who lead the trip