UKRAINE: Greece sends humanitarian aid, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

Greece Greek humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Health Minister Thanos Plevris and Deputy Minister Zoe Rapti were today in the warehouses of the Ministry of Health in Tavros, where the process of collecting medical and pharmaceutical material for the people of Ukraine was completed.

About 100 pallets of medicines and materials will be sent to Poland and then through to Ukraine.


Plevris said: “The Ministry of Health responded immediately.

"With the Deputy Minister of Health Zoe Rapti, we came to an agreement with our Ukrainian counterparts, who asked us for specific pharmaceutical and health material that we are sending today.

"One batch has already left, today the second is leaving.

"The Greek people, the Government and the Ministry of Health are by the side of the tested people of Ukraine.

"We thank the pharmaceutical companies that responded for the collection of pharmaceutical and health material.

"The Ministry of Health also contributed to this effort with materials from its warehouses and we managed to gather a larger number than the one requested."


For her part, Rapti: "At this critical time, we must stand by our fellow human beings, who are being tested in Ukraine.

"We are thinking of the thousands of civilians who are losing their lives, or being injured, or being forced to flee.

"They are the victims of a great humanitarian crisis.

"Our country from the first moment showed in practice its solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

"Today, after a special consultation with the Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Iryna Mykychak, the shipment of specific medicines, consumables and medical supplies in two large trucks, is another targeted humanitarian action of the Ministry of Health and the Greek Government and the private sector.

"I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all those who helped organise and coordinate our action.

"We pray and hope that this tragedy will end soon."

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