Alessia Demetz’s Private Club for the Rich and Famous

Alessia Demetz is founder and CEO at Alesya de Monaco

Interior designer and architect Alessia Demetz is founder and CEO at Alesya de Monaco – a new private membership club where high-valued individuals have access to the most exclusive private collections beloved by royalty.

Alesya de Monaco is a brand dedicated to an exclusive audience, who aspire to put health and lifestyle at the forefront of their daily lives.

The Alesya de Monaco private collections are created through a rigorous selection of the most exclusive products from all over the world, with particular focus on sustainability and well-being, sealed with Alessia Demetz’s signature excellence.

Greek City Times entertainment writer Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis speaks to Alessia to find out more.

When you were a kid did you always want to become an architect?

Not really, even now I do not know what I want to become. I remember when I was a child, I used to change the furniture around in my room then in the house.

How would you define your architectural approach?

Both instinctive and rational.

Do you read architecture and design books or you like to be inspired by nature in order to create your work?

I do not need the inspiration to create “I do not search, I find it”.

What do you think is the best way to present an architectural project?

Nowadays, a 3D presentation is a standard way to do it and there is a big danger to mislead the intention of the project especially when the renderings are outsourced.

Do you see any evolution in your work since the first day you started?

Creation is not evolution. They are not linked. Every time I start from a new perspective and a new approach depending on my feeling in the project.

In the past decade there’s a fast paced ‘globalising approach’ to architecture. Do you agree?

I am not part of this movement. My projects start from the “Genius Loci” and the people involved in.

Alessia Demetz is founder and CEO at Alesya de Monaco

Do you admire any architects you have as a reference to create your work?

Yes, of course, my father a well-known architect Hugo Demetz is the best in the world for me and for many other people. His projects talk by themselves. He has built more than 100 five-star hotels and they still are among the best in the world.

Do you have any specific forms of buildings you would like to construct?

A farmhouse on the top of a skyscraper.

Do you feel your profession has an ethical responsibility to promote sustainable design?

Yes, this is essential for evolution. Not only in architecture but also in the creation of luxury objects. We have the possibility and responsibility to show substantial ways and new products to develop. These solutions after some time impact the entire system with positive feedback.

Your company is a multi-level profile brand. What are some of the other projects you’re dealing with?

I am interested in a global luxury design concerning architecture, food, fashion, helicopters or hyper-cars. My focus is to participate in the direct creation in all these fields. The concept behind the Alesya de Monaco private membership club is to create a circle of refined individuals with access to the most precious and unique selection of products produced under my ethical code.

Recently, we have launched our first private collection of an extract of extra virgin olive oil which is available only for the club members. This is the beginning of a larger collection of excellence to bring value to our members.

Your company is a multi-level profile brand. What are some of the other projects you’re dealing with?

The helicopter is a challenge for me. It was presented during the Yacht Show Monaco 2021, and I am looking forward to surprising the new clients. The customisation touches different markets such as golfing, yachting and business as always. People like to enjoy life and feel safe about it. The parachute gives that feeling and the customisation involves luxury perception.

What are your dreams?

My dream is to succeed in my life with a positive footprint without hurting anyone.

What is family for you? Do you disparage it on account of your career?

I want to have both a family and a career; timing is very important especially for a woman. A successful career gives me the freedom to choose my partner without any compromises. I do not like compromising with anyone but only with time.

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