Upcoming Pakistani rally: "Goal of creating problems in Greek-Indian relations"

Pakistani Javed islam

The Pakistani community in Athens plan to celebrate Pakistan Day (adoption of the first Constitution) on March 27 at 14:00 pm in Nikaia in what Directus described as a "demonstration of their power, holding unhindered marches, events and speeches!"

Directus explains that although everyone in Greece has the right to hold public events, "certain Pakistani organisations have as their goal and purpose to create a problem in our relations with India," adding: "some Pakistanis are the 'organs' of Turkey in our country."

According to the outlet, Greece needs to "re-examine and investigate what lies behind these Pakistani organisations that are in Greece and which countries they serve and who funds them - Turkey and Pakistan."

Leader of one of the many Pakistani community organisations, Javed Islam, in a video uploaded informed Pakistanis in Athens about the public event that will take place on March 27.

According to their announcement, "there will be guests from Germany, Belgium and Europe to participate in the program, while famous singers will sing patriotic songs. Students from the Urdu Community School will also participate."

A large population group has been created in Greece which operates extortionately, according to Directus.

"In short, Greece's foreign policy is in danger, it tends to become a hostage of the so-called 'Pakistani community'," the wrote.

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