Ten photos that expose systemic lies about Ukraine!


Ten photos that expose systemic lies related to the war in Ukraine

We have known for a long time that the systemic media have divorced from the truth. Both the Greek and the international systemic press have set up a brainwashing industry based on lies. And all to "convince" about the "bad" Russia and the "holy" NATO…

To achieve their propaganda, they even use images from movies such as "Star Wars" and "The War of Chimeras". Of course, anyone who has the appetite to watch the systemic media will get tired of collecting fairy tales every day.

Today, I present you 10 misleading photos of the systemic media and the corresponding real ones. They mainly concern the international press, but some have also been published in Greek.

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Photo 1. On the left we see that it is reported that this is an explosion in Ukraine. On the right, however, the same photo is found in an earlier post on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza. What happened? Did Ukraine move to Gaza, or did Gaza move to Ukraine?

2 5

Photo 2. And Bild did its miracle (left) presenting an impressive explosion in Ukraine! But something reminds me! Oops! This is an explosion that took place in China (right) a while ago and the relevant video was uploaded to YouTube! This explains why Zelensky tells us in Chinese…

3 9

Photo 3. Could someone tell me the secret that this kid has and remains for 12 whole years in the same position, the same emotion and the same style? The systemic media show this little girl crying loudly somewhere in Ukraine (right). But this is a scene from the movie "The Brest Fortress" (left) from 2010. Timeless movie, eh? Ah! Yes! And the little girl is old! What in the world do they feed her?

4 14

Photo 4. And the mourning tear for the unfortunate Ukrainian soldier who leaves for the front (left) saying goodbye to his loved one who has been crippled by the ballast… But it does not matter that the scene is from the movie "The war of Chimeras" (right)? It does not matter… For the record, the film was not as successful as the war in Ukraine!

5 17

Photo 5. Ah! These bad Russians who hit a residential complex (left). And look, see a coincidence, my child… The same apartment complex suffered a gas explosion in 2018 (right)! And how did the photographer happen to achieve it from the exact same angle, with the exact same lighting and the exact same damage !!!

6 7

Photo 6. Eeeee… Yes! Well… On the left we see two children greeting tanks that are going to fight the "bad" Russians… The only problem is that tanks and children have been stuck in the same position for 6 years, since on the right we see them doing the same in 2016… What happened? Did they get anchored? Is there an expert to explain this to us? And with the opportunity to explain to us how not a single day has passed over them for 6 years…

7 12

Photo 7. And from Kashmir our correspondent informs us about a huge explosion that took place in Ukraine! The management of our station congratulates the pride that did the photoshop!

8 12

Photo 8. And here we see an explosion in Ukraine! Here, to be honest, we are in the right country! Fortunately, because these trips back and forth, sometimes to Gaza, sometimes to China, made me tired to tell the truth! Explosion from the units of "evil" Russia (left)! This must be a long life explosion since it has been going on since 2015 (right)… Putin… what technology are you using? I'm Dumbfounded!!!

9 5

Photo 9. The Israeli press shows Putin's state-of-the-art team in Ukraine. The photo should be after the Battle of Yavin logically, while behind the camera the Jedi are running away! Yoda appears in the next photo, which we do not have now… Do not laugh! They did it too! A scene from Star Wars appeared as a photo of Putin's "terrible army" on Israeli media!

ten photos

Photo 10. (And - thank God - we are done with this, because… how many blows can I endure, I'm an old man…) My fate reserved another trip for the last photo. On the right, this distressed child is alone and crying loudly in a hospital bed in Ukraine… By a satanic coincidence, the same child, in the same clothes, at the same age and in the exact same hospital, was in Damascus (left) in 2018! !! And this is ageless! I cannot… There will be an epidemic that makes some people never grow up…

He is really tired! It is tiring for the systemic media to publish images and videos and for some to bother looking for the real source. And even more tiring is the stupidity of those who believe this propaganda…

Metaxas Katachanas is the Editor of Kanenazori.

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