Aaron Eckhart and Nina Dobrev film scenes for The Bricklayer at a Greek cafe (video)

The Bricklayer filmed in Thessaloniki

Aaron Eckhart and Nina Dobrev were seen filming their upcoming movie The Bricklayer at a café in Thessaloniki, Greece on Thursday.

The Dark Knight actor, 54, and the Love Hard actress, 33, were filmed in the streets of Thessaloniki.

The Bricklayer is an action-thriller centred around a series of assassinations that someone is using to blackmail the CIA by making it appear that the organization was involved.

The London Has Fallen actor plays an ex-CIA agent who will have to get to the bottom of who is really behind the assassinations. 

Dobrev and Eckhart star alongside The Ballad of Buster Scruggs actor Tim Blake Nelson, Westworld actor Clifton Collins Jr. and Rocky IV actress Brigitte Nielsen. 

The Bricklayer isn't the only project Eckhart and Dobrev are working on. Both of the film's stars have a number of upcoming projects that will soon be released.