BERLIN: Russian Orthodox Church hosting Ukrainian refugees is attacked

Russian Orthodox Church

Unknown people threw bottles against the window of a Russian Orthodox church in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

The Berlin police said on Wednesday, according to German outlet RBB24, that three window panes in the church on Wintersteinstrasse had been damaged.

People were not injured.

Church attacked hosts refugees from Ukraine

Church officials told the police that refugees from Ukraine are currently being accommodated in the building, which also contains a community hall and other rooms.

Because of Russia's war against Ukraine, the police consider it likely to be a politically motivated crime.

Due to this suspicion, the state security agency responsible for investigations is the State Criminal Police Office.

Last week, a small fire was set at the entrance to the gym at a private school with a Russian-language focus in Berlin-Marzahn. Here, too, the police suspect that the motive of the perpetrators was related to the war.

In the first two weeks of Russia's attack that began on February 24, the police had registered around 100 such crimes, such as insults and graffiti related to the war.

Most of the acts were anti-Russian, but a smaller number were also directed against Ukraine.

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