Turkish newspaper sees US "discomfort" over the 'fresh air' in Ankara-Athens relations

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A Turkish newspaper speaks about the "discomfort" of the outgoing US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt by the "positive atmosphere" created in Turkish-Greek relations by the recent meeting of President Tayyip Erdoğan and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in Istanbul.

"He was bothered by the positive atmosphere between Greece and Turkey. Strange statement" is the title of the article.

The article said: "The US was annoyed by the positive atmosphere achieved with the Erdoğan-Mitsotakis meeting."

The article highlights the latest statements of the American diplomat in favour of Greece, noting that with them he tries to "disperse the wind of cooperation" between Ankara and Athens.

"In contrast to the positive climate between Turkey and Greece , US Ambassador to Athens Geoffrey Pyatt, spoke of tension between the two countries," the article said, ignoring Ankara's aggressive rhetoric against Greece.

Speaking of "offensive" behaviour, the article referred to the latest statements of Mr. Pyatt, about Greece and its position in the region.

"Greece is on the right side of history," Pyatt said, adding that the Mediterranean country also enjoys US support on important foreign policy issues, such as Turkey's aggressive rhetoric."

His comments were said during a discussion on the development of Greek-American relations held in the context of the 3rd Conference on South-Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean co-organised by the Delphi Economic Forum and the Hellenic-American Leadership Council.

Pyatt noted that Greece has successfully recovered from more than a decade of economic crisis.

"And certainly that escape from economic crisis was the first priority of my tenure when I first arrived," adding that this was in the effort to rebuild the country in the field of economy, to ensure political stability, but also in the field of foreign policy.

He stressed that important steps have been taken, especially in the field of foreign policy, such as the Prespa Agreement, which is now of great importance in the Ukrainian crisis as Northern Macedonia is now a member of NATO.

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