Greek-Turkish Normalisation? Turkey violates Greek airspace with F-16 fighter jets and drone

Turkish F-16s

A Turkish fighter jet and drone violated Greece's airspace over the Aegean Sea, reported the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA) according to Directus.

In particular, two pairs of Turkish F-16 fighter jets and an additional formation of a quartet of Turkish F-16s entered the Athens Flight Information Region at night, without submitting a flight plan.

Four violations of air traffic rules were recorded in the Athens FIR, which turned into 10 violations of national airspace in areas of the northeastern and central Aegean.

In all cases, the Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by respective Greek fighter jets, in accordance with international rules.

For the rest of the day, a Turkish UAV had entered the Athens FIR in the central Aegean region without submitting a flight plan - a violation of air traffic rules was recorded in the Athens FIR.

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