North Aegean Greek islands-Turkish ports ferry services resume after 2-year pause

Ayvalik to Mytilene (Lesvos) ferry Greek islands

Ferry routes connecting Greek islands in the north Aegean Sea with Turkish ports will be relaunched in March after a two-year pause, it was reported on Thursday.

The first such route from Chios to Çeşme will begin on March 23, while the first route from Mytilini to Ayvalık is set for April 14, it was added.

The ferries with routes from Bodrum to Kos, Çeşme to Chios, Fethiye to Rhodes and Ayvalık to Lesbos are all relatively quick, organised and extremely pleasant, with most ferries having services that leave in the morning and return the same afternoon.

This makes traveling between the two countries a quick day trip that is both feasible and fun.

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