Javed Aslam describes Greek police as "racist" for operation in Omonia against illegal immigrants

Javed Aslam KEERFA Pakistani

Javed Aslam and the radical Leftist organisation KEERFA instigated hatred towards law enforcement, with the Pakistani community organiser saying that "racist police sweeps took place in the Omonia area".

Omonia is the main hub of illegal immigrants in central Athens, many of them from Pakistan.

Pakistani media itself describes Omonia as "Mini-Pakistan in Athens", but its also noted that the neighbourhood has experienced serious urban decay in recent years, becoming plagued by drug dealing, prostitution, theft, rape and murder.

At the same time, Aslam and KEERFA are warning Pakistanis to be vigilant and avoid Omonia so as not to be caught in the police sweep against illegal immigrants.

Andreas Mountzouroulias, Editor of Directus, tweeted that "[Greece] is under 'siege', immediate solutions are needed."


In another tweet, he published an image of a social media notification warning Pakistanis that "checks" by police are occurring.


In a final tweet, he published another social media warning in Urdu that said "Let all our compatriots in Omonia be careful."


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