Jump for Greece in the happiness index 2022 – Northern Europeans lead the way

Greek Grandmas

Greece is ranked 58th in the new World Happiness Index 2022, which evaluates countries for the period 2019-2021. In the previous publication of the Index that was made in 2020 and covered the three years 2017-2019, our country was in 77th place, perhaps marked a significant increase in the meantime.

The new Index is included in the report “World Happiness Report 2022, Which is compiled by international research teams and is published on the occasion of the United Nations International Happiness Day on March 20. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Index, which is a brief indication of how people in each country value their lives and how satisfied they are.

Greece was ranked 58th this year 2022 with 5,948 points against Finland which got 7,821 and for the fifth year straight was at the top as the happiest country in the world. The top ten is completed by the countries in order Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, Israel and New Zealand. Germany is in 14th place, the USA in 16th, Britain in 17th and France in 20th. Australia is ranked 12th.

While previous reports have highlighted the relationship between trust in government and institutions and happiness, this year’s report points out that es with higher credibility and solidarity among citizens are happier and more resilient to serious crises such as a pandemic or a war.

Researchers point out that as the world faces serious challenges, the universal human need for happiness and the ability of people to reach out to one another in solidarity continues to be important.

Professor John Heligwell of the Canadian University of British Columbia, in 2021 there was a marked increase in all kinds of social support and goodwill for foreign aid, volunteering and donations, at levels about 25% higher . of those before the pandemic.

The main criteria for compiling the report, which began in 2012, is mainly based on GDP, life expectancy, generosity, social support, freedom and income.

Republic of Cyprus at 41 out 146 nations and territories, slipping slightly since the last report but ahead of its neighbours such as Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon.