Boeing 737 crashes in China – reports

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There were reported to have been 133 passengers aboard the China Eastern Airlines aircraft.

Chinese state media outlet CCTV reported on Monday that a Boeing 737 had crashed in a mountain range in Tengxian, Guangxi, in the country’s south. Rescue efforts are currently underway.

The plane, which was carrying 133 passengers, is believed to have caught fire as the result of a malfunction. It is not yet known how many people have been injured, or if there are any fatalities.

Footage reportedly showing the downed aircraft is circulating on social media, but its veracity has not been confirmed.

Flight tracking data from FlightRadar24 suggests the Boeing 737 was Flight MU5735, which was traveling from Kunming to Guangzhou before it experienced difficulty. The tracking website VariFlight has updated its status to “lost contact.”

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