Evaluation drilling in Cyprus completed at Glafcos 2, high quality natural gas found

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Evaluation drilling in the Glafcos 2 offshore plot 10 has been completed successfully and safely, the energy ministry said on Monday.

The drilling activity, which also included production testing, was carried out by the ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Cyprus (Offshore) Limited / Qatar Petroleum International Upstream LLC joint venture, which holds the hydrocarbon licence for the plot.

The drilling work led to the discovery of a natural gas concentration with high quality characteristics, the ministry said.

The companies involved will proceed with a detailed analysis and evaluation of all collected data for a more precise specification of quality and quantity as well as feasible options in developing and commercialising the find.

The venture will submit the results of the drilling and testing to the energy ministry as soon as the process is completed.

The Glafcos 2 evaluation drilling work began on December 20 and was conducted by the Stena Forth drill, which left the area on Sunday night.