HISTORIC FIRST: Greece wins three medals at Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup

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The rhythmic gymnastics team of Greece won three medals at the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup held in Athens between the 18 and 20 March 2022, in what was a historic first for the national team.

The world cup event, which Greece had not hosted the event for the last 15 years, was attended by top athletes from 16 countries and three continents, offering a unique show, in an amazing atmosphere of 1,500 fans who filled the stands to  maximum capacity.

In what was her maiden appearance, Panagiota Lytra became the first Greek representative to win a medal in the World Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics, as she finished 3rd in the skittles with 29,750 points, after an impressive appearance. In addition, in the respective final with the ball, she won  5th place with 29,700 points, marking a great improvement.

Evita Giannopoulou, who was also present in the final with the skittles, took the 7th place with 25,800 points, in what was the most significant international distinction of her career so far.

Meanwhile Italy’s Sofia Raffaeli remains top of the all-around leaderboard after further exemplary performances with the 18-year-old recording a commanding 31.550 in clubs to ensure she had scored over 30.0 in every discipline she had performed in so far.

Hot on her heels was Israel’s Daria Atamanov, who is two years Raffaeli’s junior, with a score of 30.250.

Bulgaria’s Eva Brezalieva was another standout performer in the discipline with 31.050.

However the Bulgarian struggled elsewhere with scores of 25.800 in hoop, 23.700 in ball and 28.900 in ribbon, which has left her 10th in the overall standings.

The ribbon discipline was the first display to show any sign of weakness by Raffaeli as she scored just 26.700.

However, Atamanov - her closest rival - also failed to make a significant impression, scoring a slightly better 27.600.