Israeli fighter jets to join large Iniochos 2022 exercise in Greece

pilot French made Mirage Hellenic Air Force's fleet of Mirage 2000/5 warplanes

Air forces from nine countries to take part in annual Iniochos drill, simulating airstrikes, evading air defenses, search and rescue

The Israeli Air Force is ready to partake in a major international aerial exercise hosted by Greece later this month, simulating operations against air defence systems, large airstrikes, and rescue operations.

Seven other countries are joining Greece in its Iniochos exercise this year: the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Cyprus, Slovenia, and Austria. The exercise will begin on March 28 and is scheduled to last through April 8.

Egypt, Albania, Austria, North Macedonia, the United Kingdom, India, Kuwait, Croatia, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia will be sending observers to the drill.

According to the Hellenic Air Force, the drill is meant to simulate a variety of scenarios, including evading attacks from surface-to-air missiles, strikes on land-based targets, search and rescue, and protecting or attacking an airborne target.

Dozens of planes from each country are participating in the exercise, which is being held along the Greek coast and over the Mediterranean.