Romanian runner wins Athens Half Marathon

Aleksandru Korneski

Romanian athlete Aleksandru Korneski won the men's 10th International Athens Half Marathon in Athens on Sunday with a record finish of 1:07:26.

Greece's Katerina Assimakopoulou won the women's division (1:19:42).

The Half Marathon was dedicated to the memory of internationally renowned Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis, who passed away on September 2 last year at the age of 96.

Following his run, in which he broke Panagiotis Karaiskos' record of 2019 (1.08.04), Korneski said he was "very happy with his run and for the run's time."

Aleksandru Korneski RomaniaKaraiskos came in second with 1:07:45.

Dimitris Tsakalos finished third in the Half Marathon and second in the Panhellenic Championship with a time of 1.09.20.

"I am very pleased. It was a special experience with many changes in the route: snow, rain, wind. I came from Germany. It was 15 degrees with sun and I was expecting a match with good weather, but it did not work out. The athlete, however, must always be on time. I am very pleased. I chased the best I could achieve and I hope the next season will follow at similar levels," he said.

Third in the Panhellenic Championship was Olympiacos runner George Kalapodis with 1.09.32

The awards of the winners of the Half Marathon were made by the president of SEGAS, Sofia Sakorafa, the vice-governor of the central sector of Athens, George Dimopoulos and the Second Special Secretary of SEGAS, Paraskevi Pahaturidou.

The medals of the winners in the Panhellenic Championship were awarded by the president of the International Association of Marathon Roads (AIMS) Paco Borao, the president of OPANDA, Niki Arambatzis and Maria Menenakou, General Secretary of the Hellenic Dental Federation.

In the women's competition, first in the International and in the Panhellenic championship, Katerina Asimakopoulou (AO Mykonos) finished with a time of 1.19.42.

Asimakopoulou was crowned Panhellenic for the third time in the Half Marathon race in the last three years.

Our champion after the finish said: "I am very satisfied with my performance. I had a short break in the race, but I managed to come back and win. Congratulations to my fellow athletes as well."

Ismini Panagiotopoulou (OKA Kavala) came in second with a time of 1.20.03 and Irini-Ria Michala (ASS Alexandros Makedonias) finished third with a time of 1.22.57.

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