Greek start-up develops “magical” exoskeleton glove


Greek start-up MAGOS has developed a 'magical' exoskeleton glove that will allow users to touch, feel and  interact with the virtual world, reports Euronews.

MAGOS is developing a hardware and software solution to revolutionise the interaction of users within the digital environment.

The wearable glove-type product is connected with a PC and digitises the motions in your hand with very high accuracy of how the fingers move.


The company uses unique sensors which are connected to every joint and capture every movement and feeling. This technology could be used by clinicians in training to perform procedures remotely and give data to health care providers from a distance, which may revolutionise hand rehabilitation.

“We see that the computing devices of the future will be the headsets the TED model displays for augmented reality and or any product that the current hardware will evolve to,” Magos CEO and founder Greg Agriopoulos told Euronews Next.

Though the technology is revolutionary, it is hard to compete as a European start-up, he said.

“We have some competitors from the US. The market there is much more mature and corporate and there is more investment in technologies.

“And the funds are available in the US way more than in Europe, so we are struggling a lot”.

However, Agriopoulos noted that despite those difficulties the start-up has managed to attract EU innovation funds and is attracting customers from the US.

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