Greek from Donetsk: Ukrainians threaten to burn me, no one said anything about those killed by Kiev for eight years (VIDEOS)

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A Greek woman originally from Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine released three videos on her social media calling out those who ignored the suffering of the regions civilians from Ukrainian attacks since 2014 and revealed she's been threatened to be burned alive.

It is recalled that by the United Nations own estimates, up to 81% of civilians killed in a corresponding period before the Russian invasion began were by Ukrainian fire and shelling.

The UN report found that when compared to the previous period, there was a 51% increase in Donbass (areas of Donetsk and Luhansk controlled by Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine) casualties between February 1 and July 31 2021.

This accounted for 62 killed and wounded civilians.

Transcript of her testimony:

Part 1:

"Hello, today is Friday 18 March 2022. The time is 5:28PM.

"The first video I uploaded was a 'cry of soul.' It was despair. It was anger. It was the feeling of injustice.

"My family, and thousands others families in Donetsk? In Luhansk? In Novorossiya? Are they not even worth half a mention?

"It is ok they are dying? Thats ok.. This is what I was talking about on the first video.

"It was a cry of the soul, because everyone talks about western Ukraine and for eight years they say nothing about the other people who are dying.

"Eight years.

"And now they [Ukrainians] come here to Greece and have been living for so many years hidden, and to tell me what? 'Find her so we burn her.'

"Me. They want to find me and burn me because I said the truth, because the truth hurts.

"'Find her to burn her. The bitch,' they say.

"I am the bitch because I supposedly lie?

"Yes of course people have not been dying there [Donbass] for the last eight years. [Editors note: this was said sarcastically]

"100 + little children did not die because of Ukrainian shelling and missiles?

"The other day was it not Ukrainian the missile that was dropped in the centre of Donetsk?"

Part 2:

"Alas, it is the Russians, or even the same people who live there who for fun dropped missiles on their own houses. [Editors note: this was said sarcastically]

"Get serious, not everything is simple, and for you women from Western Ukraine, who came here and you think you are something special, let me tell you this.

"The law is the same for all Greek residents. Whether they were born here or elsewhere. Ok?

"Keep that in mind.

"For my friends let me say this. Be careful who you have next to you.

"Still the waters run deep and they are everywhere.

"Not sure what else I can say, in this case.

"When people defend their home, you do not have the right to say that I am lying.

"Go there to see, go there to see what is happening and don't just listen to the filthy European channels. If you want you can research it.

"But if something happens to me, I hope Greek justice system will do something because I am a Greek citizen.

Part 3:

"Ι might have been born there [eastern Ukraine] but I am a Greek citizen, I have a Greek nationality, I pay here my tax, I have my life and my family here, and no one has a right to threaten me.

"I cannot take it and I cannot forgive this. Take care of those who you have next to you.

"Good bye."

It is recalled that in the first few days of the war a Greek from Mariupol, the port city of Donetsk Oblast, revealed that he could not leave the city as the Azov Battalion would kill him if he tried escaping.

When asked by SKAI news if he planned to leave the city, Kiouranas responded “how can I leave? When you try to leave you run the risk of running into a patrol of the Ukrainian fascists, the Azov Battalion.”

“They would kill me and are responsible for everything,” he added.

Meanwhile, another Greek refugee from Mariupol told OPEN TV: “I remember when leaving Mariupol, Ukrainian soldiers stopped us and threatened us.”

“Russian soldiers in tanks were trying to calm us down after all of that,” she added.

Up to 120,000 ethnic Greeks live in Mariupol and its surrounding villages and towns, including Sartana.

The Mariupol-based Azov Battalion, a neo-Nazi unit of the Ukrainian Republican Guard, which falls under the command of the Interior Ministry, is based in Mariupol and discriminates, persecutes and tortures non-Ukrainian speakers, including Greeks.

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