Skiathos "travels" the metro of Paris and London

Skiathos London Tube Oxford

Skiathos will be screened in the London Tube for the third consecutive year and for the first time in the Paris Metro, as the unique beauty of the island will "travel" to central stops of the two European cities.

The signs will be placed in 40 places in the 38 most central stations of London, an action particularly important as Skiathos is traditionally a beloved destination for British citizens and will enhance the flow of visitors to the island.

Skiathos French metro

As far as Paris is concerned, the promotion of the island will take place in 11 metro stops with a total of 55 locations.

They are all in the first zone and have the largest concentration of passengers.

Following the air connection of Skiathos with Paris for the first time, in April 2022, this advertising project aims to attract as many visitors as possible from Paris.

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