Greece’s road map to abolish Covid-Pass and masks in closed spaces

Athens restaurant

Greece’s epidemiologists have outlined a road map for the lifting of protection measures against the coronavirus and these include the abolishing of the Covid-Pass as well as the mandatory use of masks in closed spaces, media report on Sunday.

However, the lifting of measures will much depend on the course of the pandemic and the pressure on the national health care system.

According to an exclusive report by Skai TV, epidemiologists consider abolishing the Covid-Pass as of Monday, May 2, 2022.

However, if the pandemic data improve, the abolishing could take place even two weeks earlier, at the beginning of the Good Week, on April 18.

Abolishing the Covid-Pass, the Vaccination & Covid-Recovery Certificate, will allow unvaccinated citizens to enter stores and enjoy a meal, a coffee or a drink in the outdoor spaces of restaurants and other restaurants venues without a Rapid-Test.

Lifting of mandatory use of masks in closed spaces is also under consideration, however, only for customers and not personnel. According to local media, masks will be abolished also in supermarkets and hair salons.

The mask is expected to be mandatory inside facilities like hospitals and structures for vulnerable citizens and public transport means, state broadcaster ERT reported.

The lifting of these two measures will have a horizon until August 31, provided that there is no new pandemic outbreak and no new covid-19 mutation appears.

Covid-Test for personnel and workers is to be reduced to one per week, from two currently.