Pakistani's protest with hate slogans against India in Athens centre

Javed Aslam pakistani

An unbelievable provocation against India was made by the Pakistani community in Athens.

At a time when Kashmir is rocked Pakistani-backed Islamic terrorism, with victims including civilians, teachers, priests and intellectuals, Greece has become a centre of terrorist propaganda.

As the Editor of Directus, Andreas Mountzouroulias, said: "This is unimaginable at a time when India is openly working for our national issues."

Only last week the Greek Foreign Minister Dendias visited India.

The well-known Javed Aslam organised a gathering in Nikaea for the "Day of Pakistan" earlier this month! But there, as you will see, there were slogans of hatred against India, while once again they demanded "freedom" for Kashmir.

On Sunday, at their rally, they had banners with the slogans: "Freedom to Kashmir" and demanded the withdrawal of the "occupying" Indian Army.

According to the editor of the outlet, "the show of force with the marches of the Pakistanis in the centre of Athens is a signal of danger that we must not ignore."

"The Greek government has the ultimate responsibility for this incredible provocation against India and immediate action must be taken!" Mountzouroulias wrote.

"It is a given that some Pakistanis in Greece are related to the intelligence service (ISI)," he said, adding: "The Turkish intelligence service MIT works closely with ISI. A brake must be applied to the parallel state they are building before it is too late."

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