Turkish media reacts angrily to Greek Independence Day military parade in Samos (VIDEO)

TUrkish media samos Greek independence day

The recent military parades to commemorate Greek Independence Day, have preoccupied Turkish pro-government media, which have once again accused Greece of alleged violations of international treaties, specifically on Samos.

Journalists of the television network A Haber characterised the parade for Greek Independence Day on March 25, 1821 in… Samos as a "challenge".

"Greece, despite the positive efforts of Turkey, once again took a step that will escalate the tension in the Aegean," the journalist commented.

"On the island of Samos, which according to the Treaty of Lausanne must be demilitarised, organised a military parade (…)

"[During] the last challenge took place on the island of Samos, special forces units landed on the island and made a military parade."

Watch the video:

Shots were also fired at former Deputy Defence Minister and current advisor to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on critical areas and Mount Athos, Alkiviadis Stefani, because of what he said about Greek tanks.

The journalist specifically stated: "The adviser of Prime Minister Mitsotakis claimed that Greek tanks can hit the Turkish tanks from a distance of 6 kilometres."

"This is a violation of international law and threatens Ankara. Greece's challenges to Turkey follow one another," the journalist added.

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