Minister: Measures suspended by the summer in Greece to be re-examined in September

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All measures for the pandemic that are suspended by the summer will be re-examined again in September, Health Minister Thanos Plevris said on Monday speaking to ANT1 TV, ANA reports.

He also said that there was concern that the coronavirus may return stronger in September and noted that the number of cases remained high but this was not reflected in hospital admissions.

Critical to this outcome was the fact that almost 85 per cent of adults and 90 per cent of those aged over 60 were now vaccinated, he said while announcing the use of Pfizer antivirus pills for the treatment of COVID-19 has started on Monday.

Plevris also pointed out that the vaccination certificate stays and what is being discussed is whether access to areas can be allowed without showing a certificate but this will be discussed at the experts' committee and will depend on the epidemiological picture.