War in Ukraine: Polish general demands capture of Kaliningrad from Russia (VIDEO)

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The issue of Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave located between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea, is raised by the former commander of the Polish land forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak.

After the end of World War II, by decision of the Potsdam Conference, part of East Prussia was ceded to the then USSR and the rest of the territory to Poland.

Skrzypczak argued that the enclave has been "under Russian occupation since 1945," stressing that the territory historically belonged to Prussia and Poland.

"We have the right to have disputes over the territory occupied by Russia," he said.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova ironically responded to the general's objections, saying in a statement to Telegram that "the faster it goes up, the faster it goes down," apparently referring to Poland's ambitions.

"To those Polish citizens who make such statements, even to those who believe them, our advice is to study the history of the 20th century," said Dmitry Liskov, head of the press service of the Russian enclave.

"Once they do that, they will realise that it is impossible to return what never belonged to Poland," he said. "The statement that Warsaw can claim Kaliningrad is nonsense, Kaliningrad was, is and will be a Russian city in the Baltic."

It is recalled that a year ago, Skrzypczak called the Russian enclave a "gateway to the Baltic Sea and the Polish Plain" when referring to a possible "war between Russia and NATO" over the region.

At the time, the Russian State Duma considered the statement hostile and outdated, and the governor of the region, Anton Alikhanov, urged Skrzypczak to stop fantasising and "try not to be in the Stone Age."

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