Australian National Maritime Museum launches Greek Bicentenary Fund


The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) has announced the creation a special Greek Bicentenary Fund to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Greek War of Independence.

In creating the Fund, the ANMM worked closely with the Greek community to honour the contribution of Greek Australians in building Australia in a special partnership with the Greek Welfare Centre.

You can be a part of this initiative by making a tax-deductible donation to this special Greek Bicentenary Fund to honour migrants of Greek heritage, until 30 June 2022. For each $500 raised, a Greek migrant will be honoured on the Monument. Your gift today helps  acknowledge unsung members of the Australian Greek community.

ANMM calls for support in achieving its goal of supporting 200 Greek migrants appear on the Monument. So far they have raised $18,200 which honours 32 people (including the first 9 Greek migrants to Australia)

You can also honour a loved one of Greek heritage. In acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift of $500, your name, or the name of a family member, relative, co-worker or friend will be etched in bronze on the Museum's National Monument to Migration in recognition of their journey across the seas to make Australia their new home.

The ANMM recently recognised Harmony Week through the unveiling of the 1,281 names on the National Monument to Migration, representing 73 countries (including 91 from Greece). Greece is ranked number three in the countries represented at the unveiling.

The following Greek Australians spoke at the Monument Ceremonies:

  • Emmanuel Alfieris, President of the Kytherian Association
  • Museum partner Settlement Service International CEO,Violet Roumeliotis
  • Effie Alexakis on behalf of Father Nektarios
Photo credit: Nick Bourdaniotis


Photo credit: Nick Bourdaniotis


Emmanuel Alfieris spoke about the ‘boomeranging’ migration story of his father, George, who’s name is inscribed on the Monument and encouraged others to think about honouring their own parents or grandparents names.

“I think we need to reflect on the sacrifices that all those 30,000 names on that wall made to get us here. To come to a country where there’s peace and prosperity, and that has let us stand on their shoulders. So I encourage all of you who don’t have your family names yet on the wall, please make the effort. Mark them for prosperity.”

Alfieris concluded by announcing that there will be “a special monument” for Kytherian migrants on the wall.

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