Listen to Homer's epic "Odyssey" as a podcast

The Odyssey Odysseus

For the first time, Homer's heroic epic "the Odyssey" can be heard in podcast format.

The 24 books with 12,110 verses of the epic are recorded in an equal number of podcasts and narrated by Reno Charalambidis and Kostis Kazamiakis.

The length of the texts is smaller than the originals as the repetitions - to which Homer was referring - have been removed. But all the key, structural elements of each book exist in the podcast episodes.

The sound processing has been done with the use of 8D technology, which - with the use of stereo headphones - "recreates" the atmosphere of the epic.

At the beginning of each book there is a concise summary that helps the listener to connect with the overall work and "illuminate" Homer's genius.

The podcast in the Greek language can be found on

Alternatively, you can listen to this podcast for an English recounting of the epic.

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