Woman charged with the murder of her 9-year-old daughter two previous children who mysteriously passed away is also being investigated

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Greek police on Wednesday arrested a 33-year-old mother who will be charged with intentionally killing her 9-year-old daughter in a case that has shocked the country.

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Flanked by riot police and in handcuffs, she appeared in court in Athens Thursday for her arraignment. She was wearing a protective vest as authorities help back a crowd of onlookers and journalists.

Georgina died in hospital and posthumous toxicology tests showed she had received ketamine, an anesthetic drug often used in animal surgeries, that had not been prescribed by her treating doctors.

Protesters also gathered outside the mother’s home in the port city of Patras, 200 kilometres (125 miles) west of Athens, where police again intervened to maintain order.

A panel of senior coroners is leading a review into the death of the suspect’s two other children: a 3-year-old girl from liver failure in 2019 and a 6-month-old girl in 2021 from a suspected heart defect.

Tissue samples retained from the two girls are now being re-examined, authorities said.

The suspect has denied any wrongdoing and is expected to formally respond to the charges next week.

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