Nick Kyrgios fined a total of $35,000 for Miami Open occurrences

Kyrgios Goat

Nick Kyrgios has been handed out a total of $35,000 fines for several relevant incidents during his Jannik Sinner Miami Open clash.

Kyrgios complained about the speed of the court early in the match against Sinner and from there his frustration only grew. The crowd was very vocal during the match and the umpire Bernerdes had trouble calming them down.

Kyrgios condemned him for it openly as the Australian has had his problems with Bernardes in the past.

Eventually he got a warning, then a point penalty and then a game penalty. He kept talking for a while but Bernerdes did not default him.

Finally, Kyrgios calmed down a bit losing the match in two sets. He did speak about the umpire after the match on social media, and all of that got him another hefty fine.

He got a one in Indian Wells and now an even bigger one here in Miami. Total is $35,000 for several incidents during the match. These include:

Audible Obscenity: $5,000

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: $5,000

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: $5,000

Verbal Abuse: $20,000