Novak Djokovic's family 'grateful' to Nick Kyrgios: Be our guest in Belgrade

Nick Kyrgios Novak Djokovic

Kyrgios publicly supported Novak Djokovic during the Australia visa debacle.

Serbia Open tournament director Djordje Djokovic would like to host Nick Kyrgios in Belgrade and show him his gratitude for the support he showed to Novak Djokovic during the Australia visa debacle. When everyone and everything seemed to be against Djokovic, Kyrgios went public and showed his support to the record nine-time Australian Open champion.

The Djokovic family hasn't forgotten the support Kyrgios showed during the Australia visa debacle as Djordje has expressed a desire to be Kyrgios' host in Belgrade. "I want to bring Nick Kyrgios to Belgrade, to thank him for supporting Novak, Belgrade and Serbia.

He is an entertainer, he doesn't mince his words and he will always express his opinion, whatever it may be. But above all, he is a serious athlete and tennis player. I hope that he will come to the Serbia Open before he finishes his tennis career - Djordje Djokovic said on K1's "Kec na jedanaest" show.

Djokovic was grateful to Kyrgios

When Djokovic finally decided to address the Australia visa debacle, he admitted he was pleasantly surprised by Kyrgios' reaction. Djokovic admitted that Kyrgios' support meant a lot at the time.

“I respect my colleagues and I understand that some of them didn’t want to speak up, and some of them criticised me or didn’t like the way I entered Australia. I just wish that they listened to my side of the story.

But their position was not easy, there was so much attention on the whole saga, and they understandably wanted to talk about themselves and the tournament," Djokovic said. “Nick Kyrgios surprised me pleasantly, I thanked him and all of the others who stood up for me, Alize Cornet for instance.

I received a lot of messages privately from some of the players, but they didn’t want to speak publicly. I understand it, the situation was complicated”.

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