Dendias: Lavrov appeared not to know about the impending invasion of Ukraine when we met

Nikos Dendias Sergey Lavrov

According to Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, it appeared that his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov did not know about the impending invasion of Ukraine when they met only days before Russian troops started pouring into the country.

Asked to comment on the timing of his meeting with Lavrov in Moscow six days before the start of the Russian invasion despite the assurance he received that there would be no invasion of Ukraine, Dendias said it appeared Russia's top diplomat was not even aware.

"But this is my job. From the moment he gave these assurances, it was not at all clear in his own mind," the foreign minister said to SKAI.

Explaining the general logic he adopted during his February 18 visit to Moscow, Dendias said it was with the thought that Russian troops on Ukraine's borders were to pressure Kiev.

However, as Greece's top diplomat stressed previously, he still made the order for Greek citizens to evacuate Ukraine days before the invasion began.

He noted that the main reason for his visit to Russia was to point out that there is a Greek population in Mariupol that should be taken care of.

Dendias added that Russia during the siege and demolition of Mariupol violated all rules of humanitarian and international law, bombed residential areas, and that there were many casualties among the civilians.

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