Sydney saved from Rangers fans as support act backs out of Ange Postecoglou's Homecoming Tour

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The Sydney Super Cup, or more commonly known in Australia as Ange Postecoglou's Homecoming Tour, has been saved from having to deal with the consequences of dealing with Rangers fans.

Rangers withdrew from the four-team tournament after supporters of the Ibrox side protested and expressed their unwillingness to participate in a friendly tournament as the support act for Ange's Celtic FC - despite the generous monetary compensation.

And for this, Rangers fans have inadvertently saved the harbour city and the Sydney Super Cup from themselves.

One cannot read a Scottish football forum or social media without a plethora of Rangers fans disgustingly exploiting victims of child abuse to disparage their Glasgow rivals.

At least 22 former Celtic Boys Club players, with likely more to join, have launched a class action lawsuit against Celtic FC for historical abuse against them. Four men associated with Celtic Boys Club or Celtic have been convicted of abuse.

The Celtic sexual abuse scandal is part of a wider football sexual abuse scandal that has embroiled many Scottish clubs, such as Rangers, Hibernian and Partick Thistle, and even English clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City and Aston Villa.

For their part, Rangers made a public and sincere apology to anyone personally affected by child abuse after the Scottish FA's independent review was released.

The abuse of children is something that should not be given a moment of tolerance and all those guilty should face the maximum punishment allowed in the country.

In the same manner, the weaponisation of child abuse victims to disparage or "banter" should not be tolerated, yet as already said, one cannot browse any online medium relating to Scottish football without seeing Rangers fans exploiting child abuse victims.

An administrator of the Follow Follow website, which is an official media partner of Rangers FC, announced on their forum that the "Rolf Harris Cup organisers hit back", clearly replacing "Sydney Super" with the name of the convicted Australian paedophile.

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If this is how the administrator of an official Rangers media partner behaves (the club has locked out Scottish mainstream media unless they pay a ridiculous £25,000 for "access"), then Sydney can count itself lucky that such a vile supporter base have forced the club to not be a support act for Ange's Homecoming Tour.

What is worse is that this media partner has thousands of comments pontificating on their forum about the Celtic child abuse scandal in favour of the victims, without once considering whether the victims want to be used as a football sledge - even to the point that forum members suggested making banners for the victims.

Move to Facebook or Twitter and it is equally horrific, a never ending barrage of child abuse victims being used as a form of sledging against Celtic and their fans, despite even their own club apologising for their role in the UK football child sex scandal.

Take these examples from Twitter of Rangers fan reacting to Optus Sport's announcement that Rangers had pulled out of the Sydney Super Cup:

These are just some examples from an endless multitude of vile comments.

Of course some Rangers fan will pass off their exploitation of child abuse victims as care and concern for said victims, but one can't help notice their near silence about domestic abuse victims or for victims of other forms of abuse.

If it is so normalised for Rangers fans to sledge their rivals by exploiting the victims of child abuse, we should be thankful that they are not a part of Ange's Homecoming Tour, a day that will certainly be joyful and does not need to be tarnished with banners with the only purpose being to antagonise Celtic fans through the exploitation of child abuse victims.

This does not even take into account the inevitable sectarian songs that would be heard ringing around Accor Stadium in western Sydney, or perhaps even targeted racist chants like Celtic star striker Kyogo Furuhashi has already experienced, and almost certainly violence.

Either way, we thankfully will not find out after Rangers fans, outraged about being a supporting act, successfully convinced their club to pull out of Ange's Homecoming Tour.

In this way, as Celtic branches out globally to their fans and promotes the club to new markets in Australia and Asia, Rangers appears to be content in only being a club for the reactionary of Britain and Northern Ireland.

BY Alexandros Marchetos, a sports journalist usually writing in Greek.

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