Call from Australian Labor Party for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece

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The former leader of the Federal Labor Party, Bill Shorten, paid a visit to the Greek Center where he met with members of the Board of Directors and discussed issues related to the Greek community, including the return of the Marbles of Parthenon, reports.

Mr. Shorten was welcomed by the President of the Greek Community of Melbourne, Bill Papastergiadis OAM, Vice Presidents Anthea Sidiropoulos and Michael Karamitos, General Secretary Nick Koukouvitakis, and the Treasurer Marinis Pirpiris.

‘It is great to have you at the Greek Center once again.  You have been to every major event we organized in the past,” said Mr. Papastergiadis.

Mr. Shorten acknowledged the contribution of the Greek migrants to Australia by saying that “we are lucky to have so many people of Greek heritage”.

“The Australians of Greek heritage made a great contribution to  Australia”, he said. “We are very lucky to have so many people of Greek heritage. For the Greek-Australians, the Greeks, and all Australians who love the history of Greece, the UK must return the Parthenon Marbles. They were taken in a different time, and now is the time for the British Government and the British Museum to return a cornerstone of Greek heritage to their home in Greece, so that everyone can enjoy them.”

Also, Federal MP Maria Vamvakinou visited the offices of the Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM).

Ms. Vamvakinou met with the President of the GCM Bill Papastergiadis, Vice President Anthea Sidiropoulos, and the members of the Board of Directors Dr Spyridoula Dimitriou and Dr. Nikos Dallas.