More than 60 firefighters battle wildfire in Peloponnese


More than 60 firefighters are battling wildfires that broke out in the Peloponnese on Monday reported the Greek Fire Brigade Service.

Specifically, the fire fire broke out in the Ilia prefecture, in northwestern Peloponnese.

The fire is burning through a forest hill between Livadaki and Ptelea, in the municipality of Andritsena-Krestena.

Some 60 firefighters with 27 fire engines are battling the blaze.

Arson specialists were expected to arrive at the location.

Greece experienced it's worst fire season in 2021  which was classified as by far the worst year of the last 13 years in terms of the total burned areas of Greece, according to the METEO of the National Observatory of Athens.

In particular, based on the data of the European Forest Fire Information System, during 2021, 84 forest fire incidents were mapped in Greece, which burned a total area of ​​more than 1,300,000 acres.

This “performance” is the worst of the 2008-2021 period, with the total burned area in 2021 approaching the sum of the burned areas of the eight years of 2013-2020.

In 2021, the manual performance was also recorded in terms of the average burned area per forest fire in Greece.

This index is estimated at over 1,500 acres per fire breakout, when during the previous 13 years (2008-2020), the corresponding average was close to 500 acres per fire.