Premier Capital Hellas: Expands McDonald’s restaurant network in the Greek market opens 26th Restaurant

Macdonald Greece

Premier Capital Hellas continues its investment program for the McDonald’s network in Greece, with the new restaurant in Piraeus, which opened on April 1, 2022, at 86 Athens-Piraeus Avenue, in Piraeus.

This is the 26th McDonald’s restaurant operated by Premier Capital Hellas in Greece. The investment for the new restaurant amounted to 1.35 million euros, while it employs 60 people.

According to Simona Mancinelli, CEO of Premier Capital Hellas, which manages McDonald’s restaurants in Greece, “We are opening our new restaurant in Greece with great optimism and confidence in the market. We are continuing our investment program to bring the brand closer to more visitors and upgrade McDonald’s wonderful experience with an even greater emphasis on safety, value and convenience through McDrive, McDelivery and the McDonald’s app “.

The new McDonald’s Piraeus restaurant incorporates the latest “Experience of the Future” service model, bringing a range of innovative digital applications and services that enhance the customer experience. The McDonald’s restaurant has table service and 4 double-sided and 2 single-sided vending machines (kiosks). Kiosks are innovative digital applications (screens), which are handled by the customer and he has the ability to choose his menu with greater flexibility and control in order. The restaurant also has a 24-hour Drive-Thru, car park and McDelivery service.

It is noted that since 2011 when Premier Capital took over as McDonald’s Developmental Licensee in Greece, it has invested more than 30.3 million euros in opening new restaurants, renovating existing ones, and upgrading infrastructure and technology throughout the network.