Sydney's Greek Topikós Bar & Dining Room will open Thursday the 14th of April

Topikos Bondi

Topikós, “local” in Greek, will be the embodiment of modern Greek dining in Bondi. The Topikós Dining Room delivers a menu that perfectly balances the best of contemporary Greek cuisine with Australian influence, produce and honest simplicity.

Bar Topikós is designed as a great quality wine and cocktail bar for snacks and sips, with a casual menu, perfect for all-day dining.

The team from Shell House are heading to Bondi to lend their talents to the new iteration of the corner of Campbell Parade and Curlewis St; Restaurateur Brett Robinson and Interior Stylist Anna Hewett with Chefs Joel Bickford and Danny Corbett, along with Food & Beverage Director Alex Kirkwood are coming together to deliver a brand new dining destination for Bondi.

Then enter new General Manager Danny Webster-Clamp (Royal Hotel/Totti’s), new Head Chef Charles Woodward (ex Pilu, Bathers' Pavilion, Cottage Point Inn) and new Restaurant Manager Nick Ingall (Apollo, Greca). A team ready to create a new social centre of gravity in Bondi Beach. 

Topikos’ culinary approach will see the back of house crew take inspiration from foundational Greek recipes.

“We’re staying true to Greek cuisine, calling on traditional cooking techniques and flavours combined with incredible Aussie produce,” says Bickford. “We’re presenting our contemporary take on classic Greek dining.”

The dining room’s menu is set to offer a long list of meze dishes alongside house-made pita, proteins and veg cooked over the fire, and a selection of fresh seafood.

Bar Topikos has room for 100 guests and will have its own snack selection, with dishes including saganaki split king prawns and wood-fired octopus with fried whitebait, feta and sweet pepper filo pie.

Sommelier Alex Kirkwood will swap out wines on a regular basis, with Josh Reynolds designing a selection of cocktails inspired by the Mediterranean.

Topikos is located on the corner of Campbell Parade and Curlewis Street; the dining room will be open for all-day dining from midday to 10 pm and dinner from 5 pm Monday to Friday.

Bar Topikos will open from midday until midnight Monday to Sunday.