The Madonna video that "disturbed" her fans


Madonna went viral once again, and for the moat positive of reasons. After the excessive editing of her photos and the plethora of negative comments she received, the pop music idol returned with a rather controversial post.

More specifically, the 63-year-old singer posted a 13-second clip on Tik Tok, just before the night of the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Her post shows a close-up of her face, with her lips and cheeks looking quite swollen as she moves back and forth.

@madonna♬ original sound - madonna

Fans found the video strange, while some said they were "terrified".

Someone wrote that the clip was "this is completely unsettetling, while another said "Great! How am I supposed to close my eyes and fall asleep now!"

"My teenage memories were ruined."

"That honestly scared me, I'll not gonna lie."

"I remember how wonderful it was in the '90s. She was an idol."

"I have loved her since I was a child… a huge fan… I love her… but this is a difficult one to overcome… what she has done to herself."



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