New digital health booking platform launched in Greece

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The '' platform launched today, making it easier for citizens to use a new digital appointment system when seeking primary healthcare.

In particular, through the platform, every eligible individual can book an appointment in either a public facility or with a private doctor certified for the "Electronic Prescription System".

The digital environment is very user-friendly, requiring only the use of Taxisnet codes and the AMKA national security number for confirmation.

The user must select the geographical location they want and then their preference for an appointment in either a public facility or with a private doctor.

The Minister of Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis stated that "utilising the experience of the citizens and their familiarity with the process of appointments for vaccination, today we deliver the new system for appointments in primary healthcare."

"The vaccination platform is a new gain for the citizens, it goes beyond the vaccine and it is for us the vehicle to improve overall health services."

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