OTD John Angelicoussis, the world's second biggest shipping magnate passed away at age 72

shipping John Angelicoussis

Angelicoussis was born in 1948 in London and was the son of Antonis Angelicoussis and Maria Papaliou.

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John Angelicoussis.

He started being involved in his father's company in 1973.

Angelicoussis took over as president and CEO of Angelicoussis Shipping Group in 1989 after the death of his father.

The Angelicoussis Group is the second-largest international shipping group.

It has 141 ships with a total tonnage of 26.7 million tons and a value of $9.01 billion.

Most of its 141 ships sail under the Greek flag.

For the last eight years, John's daughter, Maria Angelicoussis, has been taking on more responsibilities and is the successor to the shipping empire.

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