Forensic Pathologist "all three of Pispirigou's children were victims of criminal actions"

roula Pispirigou

Greece continues to be shocked as fresh evidence becomes available following the investigations into the deaths of three young girls in Patras.

Following forensic examinations and toxicology reports last week on the body of 9-year-old Georgina, who died in January, confirmed that the mother, Roula Pispirigou, 33, facilitated the death of the child using ketamine, a drug that was not prescribed by the young girl's doctor.

Further forensic reports following the exhumation of the bodies of the mother’s other two children confirmed criminal acts as the cause of death according to Forensic Pathologist and President of the Forensics Union in Greece, Grigoris Leon.

“There is absolutely no doubt that it is a criminal act,” he told ERT news report show ‘Syndeseis,’ referring to the deaths of Pispirigou’s two younger children.

“We had two initial reports (when the children died) that show the pathological cause of death. The first shows liver deficiency and the second heart malformation in the aorta as well as pulmonary embolism.”

“As you can understand, pathological causes do not go along with findings pointing towards criminal acts which is why reevaluations are being made by my colleagues.

Essentially, here the old causes of death will have to be overturned and this is the only way we can be led to the truth and be able to find justice. Until the cause of death officially changes on the report we obviously can’t continue the conversation.”

Meanwhile, a tablet that was buried with 9-year-old Georgina which could provide evidence of her death was retrieved on Saturday morning, following an order by the magistrate investigating the case.

The order to open up the grave and retrieve the tablet buried with the child was given by the magistrate handling the case and took place in the presence of a public prosecutor and the head of the Patras coroners’ service Aggeliki Tsiola, as well as police officers and members of the victim’s family.

Earlier, a priest performed a prayer at her grave at the cemetery of Agios Athanasios in Sychena, Patras.

The tablet was buried with the girl at the insistence of the mother, saying it was her favourite item.

The decision to open the grave followed the testimony of the father, Manos Daskalakis, who stated he supports the accusation against his estranged wife and confirmed that the tablet had been buried with her.