Turkish analyst: We will be defeated by the Greek Rafale if our F-16s are not modernised

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The Greek armaments program has raised concerns in Ankara, with Turkish analysts now openly stating that the acquisition of French Rafale fighters by Greece could change the balance of power in the Aegean Sea and lead to a defeat for Turkey.

Specifically, on a CNN Türk show, analysts reported that radars and meteor missiles have the ability to detect Turkish fighters and strike them before they can notice them.

They also explain that it is necessary for Turkey to modernise its F-16 fleet to F-16 block 70, an upgrade that is already underway in Greece but not in Turkey.

Journalist Hande Fırat initially stated that: "Turkey will get good fighters. 40 new F-16 fighters and will modernise another 80. This means that it will modernise its old fighters and use them comfortably for a long time."

On the other hand, Abdullah Ağar, a specialist in Defence and Security, said: "This issue is vital for the Aegean. If the balance of power against us in the Aegean is lost, the possibility of defeat in air battles increases. As you know, Greece bought Rafale fighters, whose greatest quality is radar, while it procures Meteor missiles, and these cause us concern."

He added: "We do not have such a modern fighter, but Greece has fighters that are equivalent to it. They have bought from France and continues. That's why their purchase has value. If we do not get these aircraft, Greece will see our fighters before we see theirs. It will launch in front of us and hit our aircraft in front of us.

At the same time, Ankara is launching a military exercise called "Blue Homeland", a name that refers to the emancipatory theory developed in Turkey and expressed in maps that cover half the Aegean. As part of the exercise, the departure of the Turkish fleet to the "three seas", as they are characterised in Turkey, namely the Aegean, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, begins today.

CNN Türk reported on the subject: "The pressure with Greece that sometimes increases in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean, the tension in the Black Sea due to the war in Ukraine and the threat of mines. In such a period, the Turkish Armed Forces with the exercise 'Blue Homeland' will show strength in three seas. The first exercise was held in 2019 and last year was held only in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean. This year, the Black Sea will join. And Turkey will show its determination to protect the 'Blue Homeland' from all threats."

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