Greece says no more weapons for Ukraine

Nikos Panagiotopoulos.

Athens is not planning to send more military equipment to Ukraine, Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said on Wednesday.

He said Greece’s defence of its own territory should not be weakened, particularly on islands, by sending more weapons.

“The defence equipment we sent to Ukraine came from our stocks. There is no issue of sending more,” he told Greek lawmakers in a parliamentary discussion.  

The Greek government has already sent to Ukraine two C-130 transport aircraft loaded with military aid, such as Kalashnikov rifles and portable rocket launchers.

According to the poll conducted by MEGA TV, 66% of Greeks disagree with sending military equipment to Ukraine, and 29% agree with the government’s decision.

Panagiotopoulos also referred to the relations with Turkey, saying, “This is not the best time to talk against Turkey in NATO because the allies want to ensure that Turkey remains attached to NATO”. 

Greece reported on Wednesday that Turkish air fighters violated Athens’ airspace eleven times, overflying at very low altitudes above Greek islands, some of which were even inhabited.

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