Turkey: "Greeks together with Zelensky applauded the genocide of 52,000 Turks", says analyst

Zelensky Greek Parliament

An analyst at CNN Türk spoke, among other things, about Volodymyr Zelensky's speech in the Greek Parliament.

"There are some statements that Zelensky made the other day only to benefit in some way from the Greeks," Turkish analyst Erdoğan Karakuş told CNN Türk.

As he added: "There are the statements he made to the Greek Parliament. What did Zelensky say? How the Friendly Society was founded in Odessa by Ypsilantis."

At one point they (the Greek MPs) applauded "terribly" for the Ukrainian president, he said: "Do you know what they applauded? They applauded the genocide of 52,000 people, 52,000 Turks in the Peloponnese."

And he repeated: "Through Zelensky, the genocide of 52,000 Turks in the Peloponnese was applauded in the Greek Parliament."

(In the video, time point 1:55:56)

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