Ukraine: 100 bodies found in Sumy

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More than a hundred bodies have been found in the Ukrainian region of Sumy (northeast) after the withdrawal of Russia’s armed forces, according to a local official.

“Unfortunately this number is growing daily, we find bodies with their hands tied, with signs of torture, with bullet wounds to the heads – these are horrific things,” Dmitro Shivitsky, the district governor, told reporters yesterday. According to him, several civilians are missing or being held captive by Russian soldiers. In addition, there are many wounded in hospitals, according to Shivitsky.

The regional governor also said that the first priority of the authorities is to restore the operation of the natural gas, electricity, and water distribution networks. Still, according to the official, the first estimates are that property damage in the region is worth about $327m (about 300m euros).

GCT Team

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