Birthday Boy Stelios Dionisiou turns 48 today

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Greek singing sensation Stelios Dionisiou, son of the legendary Stratos Dionisiou, and brother of Angelos Dionysiou,  turns 48 today, 16 April, 2022, with birthday celebrations likely to continue in Australia given he is scheduled to perform next month in three major capital cities: Sydney (Fri 27 May), Adelaide (Sat 4 June)  and Melbourne (Sat 11 June)

Στέλιος Διονυσίου Βιογραφικό Ηλικία

Stelios Dionisiou has made a name for himself in his own right, no easy feat given the long shadow his father has cast over the Greek music scene, setting a bench mark almost impossible to surpass or reach.

But Stelios has managed to do it, on his own, with talent and vocals comparible to those of his father, audiences in Australia will have the opportunity to enjoy this Greek demi-god of the music scene as he performs his own songs, his father's and those of other Greek legends, like Dalaras, Kazantzidis, Parios, Alexiou and more!

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Dionysiou was born in Athens. After High School he took music lessons and, in 1990, appeared at his father's nightclub. In 1996 he started his professional career in Thessaloniki and the following year was signed by recording firm "Minos".

His first recorded album "Με όνομα βαρύ σαν ιστορία" (Under the weight of a historic name) came out in December of 1997. The album became a "platinum" hit and the young singer was on his way. In 1998 he partnered Anna Vissi with success and in 1999 he recorded his second album "Επιβάλλεται" (It is necessary) - a golden hit.

His third and fourth albums «Δεν πα 'να βρέχει» (Let it rain) and «Ο,τι αισθάνομαι» (What I feel) were recorded in 2001 and 2003 respectively.

2017 – Εγώ είμαι ελεύθερος
2014 – Νιώσε με
2014 – Ισόβια
2021 – Αλήτικα Βράδια