Museum in Crete displays Mitsotakis family private antiquities collection

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Greece's Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited the new Archaeological Museum of Chania, on Crete, which showcases more than 3,500 objects, including the collection of antiquities of his late parents, Konstantinos and Marika Mitsotakis.

The Prime Minister  was given a tour by Culture & Sports Minister Lina Mendoni and by Chania Antiquities Ephorate Head Eleni Papadopoulou.

The Mitsotakis family collection came to the ownership of the Greek state in April 2000, following the decision of the Central Archaeological Council to accept the donation.

Another 1,000 artifacts have also never been publicly shown before.

Referring to his parents' collection as one of their life's most important projects, Mitsotakis pointed out that they wanted it to belong to all Greek people.

The new Chania museum, he said, "is a point of reference of Cretan culture, but also of all the influences it incorporated throughout the centuries."

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