Thessaloniki: Man attacking a Free Masonic lodge with an axe was arrested

Free Mason lodge Thessaloniki

The perpetrator who attacked the entrance of a Free Masonic building on Filikis Etaireias Street in Thessaloniki was arrested on Sunday night.

According to Thestival, the 36-year-old Greek, at around 22:30, arrived with his vehicle outside the Masonic lodge.

He came out with an axe and a shotgun and then suddenly started knocking on the door with the axe.

The perpetrator also shot his gun twice, causing disturbance in the centre of the city.

Police officers of the White Tower Security Department did not miss a minute and started collecting evidence and testimonies.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, after a well-organised operation, the perpetrator was located near his house in Nea Madyto and was arrested.

In fact, the police located both the ax and the shotgun.

The reason for the attack still remains unknown .

The 36-year-old will be brought before the Prosecutor of the Criminal Court on Tuesday.

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