Thor: Love and Thunder Trailer Gives First Peek At Marvel's Greek Gods (video)

A first look at Russell Crowes Zeus in Thor Love and Thunder 1

Thor: Love and Thunder, starring Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Tessa Thompson, Taika Waititi, and Natalie Portman. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) goes on a journey unlike anything he's ever faced - a quest for inner peace

Thor: Love and Thunder will feature celebrity cameos, and the movie's first trailer gave us our first look at Russell Crowe's portrayal of Zeus.

Zeus represents the introduction of Greek mythology to the Thor series, expanding from the trilogy's roots in Norse mythos. You can see a quick look at Crowe's character below.

A first look at Russell Crowes Zeus in Thor Love and Thunder
A first look at Russell Crowe's Zeus in Thor: Love and Thunder

The 90-second trailer features just a quick look at Crowe, who appears to grab a lightning bolt before taking in the applause of a large arena that could end up being Olympus, the city of the Greek gods. Although, whether or not Zeus and Thor are actually literal "gods" in the MCU is up for debate, thanks to new revelations in Disney Plus' Moon Knight.

We first learned that Crowe was joining the Thor 4 cast last March. Reports originally described his role as a "fun cameo" that was intended to be kept a secret until the film's release. Just a month later, we learned Crowe would play Zeus, the sky and thunder god of ancient Greek religion.

Thor, who is the god of thunder in Norse mythology, has been known to face off against Zeus in the comics, so we'll have to wait and see how big of a role Crowe plays in the movie.