Greek police bust criminal group using postal service for cocaine, cannabis delivery (VIDEO)


Greek police have arrested two members of a criminal gang for selling cocaine, cannabis, anabolics and other drugs through postal services to clients abroad, including to Germany, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Belgium and Italy.

The two suspects, Greek nationals aged 32 and 37, were arrested on Wednesday in Halkida, northern Greece, while a 47 year old suspect is being sought in connection with the case.

According to authorities the men, who had been operating since last February, had three of their packages intercepted in Chicago a few days earlier, one of which contained half a kilo of ketamine. The others contained 248 ecstasy pills and a substance banned by the US Food and Drug Administration. U.S. customs authorities, who had confiscated another two packages with illegal substances in February.

In the meantime, 10 more such packages sent to various countries abroad were intercepted in April.

During a coordinated police operation on Tuesday in the homes and shops owned by the arrested suspects, police found and confiscated the following:

- A package containing an electronic device, with drugs hidden in its packaging.
- 885.4 grammes of cannabis
- 141 narcotic pills (including ecstasy)
- 1.0 gramme of ecstasy in crystalline form
- 184 anabolic pills
- 82 vials of anabolic drugs
- Eight syringes containing an anabolic substance
- three precision scales
- 700 euros and five phones
- a car and packaging material
- two computer hard disks and a device for air-tight packaging

The suspects have been charged with forming a criminal organisation and trafficking in narcotics and illegal anabolic drugs, as well as breaking sports laws.